We are passionate about connecting people and brands through memorable experiences.

Brand Love

Every memorable experience in someone’s life is an event. And as one of the largest event agencies, we create experiences that people love, remember and share. Experiences that generate brand advocacy and drive sales. From large-scale traditional events to unique personal experiences, we connect brands with their audiences in a host of meaningful ways.
We do these great things in three different areas:
Live Events, Experiential Marketing, Retail Experience.

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Live Events

Sponsorship Activation,
Conferences and Trade Shows

We are an events agency with over 30 years’ experience, and we know how to inspire and educate groups of people, driving change and strengthening relationships within organisations and between consumers and brands. With a full in-house design, build and logistics team, every stage of a large-scale event gets the TRO gold standard of expertise and attention to detail.

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Roadshows, Guerrilla Stunts,
and Creative Sampling

Whether your aim is amazing content to share online, disruptive experiences that get people talking, or one-to-one engagements that drive behavioural change,
we find and engage with target audiences, giving clients their own unique platform to start conversations and create brand fans.

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In-store Brand Environments, Interactive
Window Displays and Pop-up Shops

The retail environment is changing as sales move online and people look for something more from the physical retail space. With innovative technology and skilled staff, we are leading the way in retail brand engagement.