Roadshows, Guerrilla Stunts and Creative Sampling

As a leading experiential marketing agency, we are proud to have won a multitude of awards for our experiential campaigns working with some of the world’s leading brands – finding and engaging with target audiences, giving the brand’s personality a clear voice, and ultimately creating brand fans.

Since the rise of digital marketing, the remit of an experiential agency has broadened too. Clients still want to get product in hand in a memorable and brand-relevant way. And they want to create face-to-face immersive experiences that enable brands to truly connect with their audience.

But the growing importance of generating content for digital platforms has added another strand to experiential marketing: the desire to create a shareable event. Whether that’s consumers sharing their own experiences via social media or an incredible stunt that is filmed and seeded, the role of experiential agencies has become central to many digital media campaigns.

We are a brand experience agency that excels in all of these areas, ranging from Lucozade Energy keeping festival-goers dancing long after all the stages have closed, to Guinness disrupting pub-goers with the possibility of a private jet to Dublin, or Pink Lady revitalising Race for Life runners with a polished apple and eye-catching engagements.

View examples of our work here.